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A restaurant reminiscent of the way things used to be!

Kenny's East Coast Pizza

Kenny’s East Coast Pizza offers traditional Northeastern style pizza in addition to all our classic Italian favorites from Kenny’s Italian Kitchen. Our open kitchen offers “dinner & a show” as we toss all our pizzas to order! If you’re not in the mood for a pie, house-made lasagna or chicken picatta is sure to hit the spot. Our full-service bar allows for any dish to be accompanied with a Grey GooseTM martini poured from our signature frozen tap system; sip on an ice-cold draft beer or a glass of wine from our carefully selected list. Whether you’re celebrating date-night, having lunch with friends on our patio or enjoying a special occasion with the family, we’ve got you covered! Because at Kenny’s…

“Every day is a holiday and every meal is a feast!”

-Kenny Bowers, Bob Stegall & Clay McAfee

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Great Restaurant!

Great restaurant, great bar and great service. They served one of the best gluten free pizzas I have had. As well as some great oven baked wings and an amazing greek salad.  And a terrific bar.
The staff was very hospitable and accommodating.  Thanks to Cady, Eric, Mike and all the rest of their great team!

Kenny's  can do no wrong.

 Consistently great service, food and cozy atmosphere. I had the pleasure of trying several dishes last night: Philly cheesesteak crostinis, tomato mozzarella salad (huge portion), eggplant parm, adult pepperoni pizza and cheesecake. While everything was fantastic - I'll be dreaming of those crostinis for years to come. Thank you to Cady for taking care of us at the bar and for the wonderful grapefruit martinis!

Kenny's does it again!

We tried the 2 different pizzas... cheese was the bomb, 2 salad tasty salads, lasagna, chicken Parmesan and of course the peanut butter pie!  Highly recommend!!!

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